Steps To Setup Netgear Wifi Range Extenders

The Netgear extender setup enables you to configure your Netgear extender through the Web browser of a device, connected to your current Wi-Fi network.

To ensure proper installation:
• Put the extender close to the router during the Wi-Fi setup.
• Connect the extender to an electrical outlet, and wait for LED to turn on.
• By clicking the “Network” icon in the taskbar on PC, select “Netgear_Ext” from the list of Wi-Fi Networks.
• Open a new browser window to connect to the website. Log in to the website.
• Select your Wi-Fi network and click “Continue.” Enter your network’s password and press “Continue.”
• Connect all of the devices which are to be connected with W-Fi.
• The extender is to be connected to a power source, and then wait for the Status LED light to turn green.

Steps To Setup Netgear Wifi Range Extenders
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