It’s time to expand and witness the productivity of your signal strength in the dead regions of your household with two AC750 Wi-Fi range extenders. Hold the capacity to work with any standard router and delvers speed up to 750Mbps. The external antennas which it carries helps to promote better performance. These extenders come with a convenient wall plug design and has the capacity to work in in two WIFI modes that is either to extend existing WIFI connection or create a new WIFI access point. It reinforces new 802.11ac and b/g/n WIFI devices. The fast lane technology which it carries allows the use of both WIFI bands in order to establish one high speed connection suitable for HD streaming and gaming. With the quality features it provides, it has become the most popular choice of the people and is available worldwide with all the retailers at the price of $119. It holds the feature to extend 2.4 and 5 GHz WIFI up to 750Mbps and reduces the interference. Witness the productive experience of your strong signal strength, be ready to connect your game console, blue-ray player or smart TV directly into the extra Ethernet port so as to create a wired connection into your WIFI network.

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