Tri band Wi-Fi range extenders which are going to uplift the speed of your internet connectivity with its strong signal strength, combined speed up to 2.2Gbps. Enjoy the consistency of a reliable connection all across your household, also in those dead regions where you were not able to stream videos due to poor network conditions. A big thanks to its FastLane3 technology which helps it to expand its coverage with an addition of 1500 square feet. It comes up with a number of features such as “smart roaming”, “boasting a quad core processor in order to improve performance”, even you get the ability to access the product through WIFI analytics app for android, through which you can control the network status, signal strength and channel interference. The wide range of features which it carries has made it a popular choice of people and is available worldwide from major retailers at a MRSP of $179. Enjoy the efficiency of the signal strength and stream videos or enjoy the video calls without any interruption. With a single push of a button, boost your existing WIFI with a high performance you never witnessed before.

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